Tamra Millikan

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Tamra Millikan believes in the power of women! As a business growth strategist for female coaches and consultants, she helps you blaze a trail that’s big, bold, and authentically you.

Tamra is a multiple winner of the Sale Rep of the Year award and the Rookie of the Year award at the largest two medical device companies in the world. But she doesn’t limit her expertise to x-ray machines or stethoscopes: She knows how to sell anything! And she’ll help you know this too.

Tamra’s customized 8-week, 1:1 private coaching program is made for ambitious women who want to realize their revenue goals…..and get back to life outside of the office. She’ll help you develop your voice — one that is unique, powerful, and relatable — while boosting your branding, offering high-end packages, and designing a signature system that fits your signature style.   

Book a Focus & Clarity call to get started! Grab your proverbial shovel and spend 60-minutes with Tamra digging deep into the essence of your business, your passion, and your goals. Let’s get you unstuck, undeterred, and headed toward unbelievable results!

Learn more at https://tamramillikan.com/