Terena Campagna

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What I Do
I specialize in leadership coaching that builds winning teams in highly complex, uncertain, and volatile business environments. Most of the leaders I coach are experienced, and many are responsible for driving change to impact company growth significantly. If you lead a team striving to do things they’ve never done before or deliver outcomes that sound impossible, I may be the coach for you.

How I Do It
I’m a practitioner of adaptive coaching, which helps innovate solutions to problems that appear too complex to solve. Tools rooted in human systems dynamics and pattern logic make it possible to understand predictable causes and relationships. As an adaptive leader, you will learn how to use these tools to effectively influence the speed, path, and direction of change. 

Whom I’ve Worked With

  • Global team leaders within R&D, engineering, software development, product line management, supply chain, sales, and services
  • Cloud service providers, like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure
  • Global telecoms like AT&T (US), Verizon (US), NTT (JP), Bharti Airtel (IN), TATA Communications (IN), Vodafone (UK), BT Openreach (UK), and Hawaiki Cable (NZ)
  • Various government agencies, non-profits, and universities

Why I Do It
Growing up, I was an avid soccer player and coach. For years, I dreamed about coaching Olympic athletes. My education went down a path less focused on sports and more focused on business communication. A few years into my career, I went to graduate school and studied adult learning. Then, the magic happened. My passion for developing people collided with my long-time love of coaching. As a business coach, I started helping people reach their very best, personally and professionally. I coached leaders on everything from managing performance to managing time. Ten years and ten certifications later, I started coaching leaders in high-growth companies. As my career evolved into international business, I discovered a knack for helping global teams thrive in high-stakes environments.

Let’s Connect
I’m always interested in meeting new people and reconnecting with friends.