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Dr. Theodoros Tsirigotis has coached individuals from many walks of life and consulted with organizations across several sectors to reach their most-cherished improvement goals. Learning and Development professional with 15 years of experience designing and developing innovative, engaging learning programs. Ability to develop extensive needs analysis, complex curricula, and instructional design for eLearning and blended learning. Experience with multiple project management, educational product development, multi-functional team management, and L&D consulting, helping companies, colleges, and universities to achieve superior results with their learning programs. Detail-oriented, with strong communication, analytical, and writing skills.A fast learner, with a track record of building relationships within and across fast-paced and dynamic organizations. Seasoned in assisting directors and employees in understanding and applying coaching and educational tools to maximize employee performance, achieve organizational effectiveness, improve employee engagement, and ensure legal compliance. Areas of experience include recruiting, employee relations, equal opportunity, performance management, educational leadership, digital training health, and safety services programs.

Other than coaching, Dr. Tsirigotis is an international trainer, supervisor for the European Association of Psychotherapists where he trains new therapists. He has more than 5.000 hours of training. He runs his own business, a boutique international company and office specialized in coaching and therapy. Theodoros is also, the Co-Founder of the Psychological Center of Chania, where he serves as Director of Studies and Development Manager. Plus, he is the Co-Founder of his family business a national company where he works as a psychometric consultant.

Dr. Tsirigotis is an experienced professor in tertiary education. He currently teaches Applied Psychology to the M.Sc. program of the UOL online. Furthermore, he served as a lecturer for the Open University and the University of Manchester, UK. He is a Cambridge University & UCL, alumnus with a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology and Post Doctorate in Psychoanalysis and the Attachment Theory. He completed a four-year training in Family, Couple, and Marriage Psychotherapy, and his dissertation was emphasized in Family Business. Recently, Dr. Tsirigotis completed his four-year- training in Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy. Last but not least, he is currently an Magister Artium student in ICT in Education. 

• Learning and Development
• Adult Education
• Project Management
• Learning Technologies