Tom O'Leary

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My story is one of joy and sadness, of ups and downs and successes and failures. But above all it has been a wonderful journey of growth as I have explored the frontier between my own stories and the world. I’ve come to see how much I considered real and fixed were just stories I or others made up. Through conversation with coaches, mentors and elders I have embraced the changes I was being called to make and continue to do so.

My practice thus has many parents and is constantly evolving. The approach is playful and minimalist in nature so hopefully offers a lightness and freedom for you to go where you need to go. The hope is that I can facilitate a conversation with yourself that allows you to experience yourself in a different way. Depending on where you are on your life journey different themes may arise. It is not about me posing clever questions. It is much more listening for what you would like to ask yourself. At its core, it is ultimately about slowing down the conversation to allow you to truly hear your mind, body and soul. At the speeds at which we live and in an era of distractions, it is hard to hear much at all. It is often only when we step out of time that many people realise what it is they truly need to talk about. Unlike many approaches, my philosophy is not centred around goals. In my experience, goals emerge as a consequence of something else. They are a means, not an end. The question is more who are you becoming?