Valarie Gilbert, MS, PCC

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Valarie brings 30+ years’ experience as an IT executive to her compassionate, dynamic and inspiring coaching style. She specializes in coaching clients who lead diverse and global teams. Her extensive career includes mainly Fortune 100 hi-tech – where she spent most of my time creating inclusive teams that develop global software for international markets. To execute on customer support, automated language translation and digital services, she built high performing teams with diversity of race, gender, orientation, language, education, age, geography and family status. Using empathy, transparency and high EQ, her teams delivered innovative solutions while growing and committing to an inclusive culture. Valiant Coaching is dedicated to helping clients activate - equitable, inclusive, and accountable leadership, - that leads to high performing cohesive teams. Her clients benefit from an environment of trust, confidentiality, truth and space.

Valarie partners with her clients to achieve sustainable outcomes. She assists organizations seeking to develop effective responses to D&I challenges. By balancing informative workshops, webinars and 1;1 coaching she grows awareness and helps strategize for change. For newly promoted executives or those transitioning into a new role, she helps them build strong work plans and grow their confidence. For leaders who are trying to build and hone their personal brand, she helps them explore ways to be more authentic and purposeful. Valarie has also supported executives whose roles have expanded to include compliance and DE&I and together they explored new initiatives and innovations for training and education. Through introspection and goal setting, Valarie has helped clients respond to changing business and technology trends, reorganizations and acquisitions. She is also trained in designing effective organizations and leverages her 30-year career of successful planning and execution to bring insight and perspective to optimize organizational performance.

Prior to starting her own firm, Valarie held VP positions at Marriott, S&P Global, Slalom Build and leadership roles at Cisco Systems and Dell EMC. She has managed projects ranging from the development of mobile applications to the use of machine learning to deliver multilingual support sites. Valarie holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a Bachelors of Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Her coaching and organizational performance training comes from Rutgers and Northwestern Universities. She serves on a number of advisory boards that focus on the empowerment of young women and people of color; Girl Scouts, Nerdy Girl Success and TY-Education. She is gleefully married for 35 years and the mother of two amazing women.

Valarie also has a career focus on diversity and deliberate inclusion. In her early years, she was a co-creator of her company’s campus collaboration program that increased the recruitment and retention of minority hires by 30%. She has been a lifelong contributor to corporate diversity programs, Girls Who Code, Women in Technology and she is also currently working on a webinar entitled “Action Based DE&I; Defining tangible programs to move the needle on corporate diversity.” Valarie is a co-author of a small anthology entitled “Three Brown Eyed Girls”.

Representative Assignments

  • Chief Counsel at high tech data firm focused on DE&I program development, executive leadership and confidence
  • CFO working to grow and building a high performing diverse team
  • Director, IT Corporate Systems tackling significant organization redesign and change in role assignment
  • SVP IT Infrastructure at major bank recently promoted focused on building leadership skills and increasing EQ
  • Director, Talent Development previously overlooked for promotion wanting to develop self-advocacy and self-compassion
  • VP, Products and Programs in Machine Learning and AI looking for a new role after 20 years
  • EVP and CTO adapting to management change and leadership retirement
  • Dean, University Law Dept recently promoted and tasked with building out a DE&I curriculum for law students

Specialty Areas

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Presence
  • Influencing Others
  • Teambuilding
  • Transition Management / First 90 Days

Client List

Visa, Google, Cisco, Salesforce, T-mobile, Twilio, IBM, Colgate-Palmolive, Kensho Technologies, GSCSNJ (Girl Scouts), University of Chicago, Vanguard, Marriott, Slalom, Cigna, Syracuse University, Center for Excellence in Education, Stripe, Coinbase, NBCUniversal, Facebook, Chevron, First National of Nebraska, Rutgers University, PNC Bank