Vanita Smith

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As Founder of Ayubowan- Health & Lifestyle Medicine Vanita provides support for busy professionals, organisations, health professionals and their patients to find their optimal picture of health and wellbeing and help them bridge the gap between their health aspirations and daily life.

Trained by some of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners in health, wellbeing, and behaviour change, she is able to translate this into unique insights, tools and support to help client wherever they are with their health. Throughout her career, Vanita has helped and supported others to help achieve their goals. She has worked and collaborated with people around the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds, roles and experiences. She’s been trusted by some of Australia’s biggest brands and developed key partnerships with organisations of all sizes.

Vanita has the ability to see a bigger picture, the connections, and how to bring it together. She helps others to see the path forward towards achieving the outcome even when the picture seems a little uncertain. She has a friendly inquisitive nature and often provides clients a unique perspective. She is an intent listener, and can truly connect with her clients to understand their unique needs. She provides a calm, safe and supportive space for them to explore and develop a picture. She helps them understand their level of motivation, their strengths and helps them work through the challenges and obstacles they face so that they can achieve their ideal health and overall wellbeing. When they achieve their goals, clients are often surprised by the simple steps they took to do this. But they often look back and can understand it all worked because they had the right support and tools they needed to get there.

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