Venkata Nanduri

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Venkata Nanduri is a mechanical engineer and management coach with entrepreneurial and business consulting experience helping small and medium enterprises. He has held several executive positions in trade and industry in India, Qatar, Kenya and Botswana where he has resided for the past 25 years. He holds a MPhil degree in Management Coaching from the University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa, and a PhD degree in Management Science from AMET niversity, India. Venkata Nanduri is a registered coach with the South African professional body COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa), and MIE,  a member of the Institution of Engineers, India. 

He is presently serving as Consultant, Research and Publications,  Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram situated at Thally-635118, Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu, India. He is guiding and coaching researchers in conducting scientific studies and publications on the outcomes of interventions of Yoga Prana Vidya for physical and mental health benefits, as complementary and / or alternative medicine.