Veronica Aguirre

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Veronica Aguirre, MBA

| Bilingual HR Leader | Leadership Coach | Mom |

Strategic HR Leader and Business Partner in the field of any organization’s most commendable asset, its people, with over 15 years of experience achieving corporate excellence and driving people initiatives to attain organizational and individual goals. 

I am a collaborative, relationship-oriented business partner with extensive success in providing thought leadership to optimize all HR facets while prioritizing positive employee relations. 

As a Leadership Coach, motivator, and mentor, I am focused on people's initiatives and encouraging participation. I have an aptitude for building relationships with and consensus among staff, management, and executives for global companies. I possess expertise in talent acquisition and retention, risk management, and organizational development.

Key Strengths or Contributions

  • Transformational & Servant Leader
  • Strategic Change Agent
  • Positive Employee Relations
  • Relationship Building
  • Growth Mindset
  • Empathy
  • Influencer 
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish)

Self- Starter recognized for unequaled work ethics and values.