Winona Lakin

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Founder, Amplify Leadership

I've been working with leaders to achieve big goals for 20 years, first as an HR leader, then leading Talent Strategy, and, for the past 5 years, as an Executive Coach and Consultant. At the core of all I do is the belief that people, and organizations, have so much more potential inside them. I partner to clarify where you want that potential to take you, what you might want to turn up to get there, and how to lessen or remove barriers that arise.

I've worked with leaders in large corporate environments and entrepreneurial ventures. A common thread across my clients is that they are leaning into something new: taking on a new level of leadership, operating in a new economic environment, shifting to a more empathetic leadership approach, first time CEOs, leading following an acquisition, moving into a new career, and even those starting to plan for a sabbatical or retirement. 

Your goals are my goals. I'm here to challenge and support you along your journey to achieve those goals. So, what do you want to turn up?

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