Yasmina Suleyman Halawi

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Yasmina has a deep passion for making a positive difference in others' lives and in being of service to humankind; she facilitates the appropriate approach for each individual and guides them in a process of self-discovery onto a path of personal and professional growth.  Inspiring individuals and organizations towards reaching beyond their foreseeable potential to fathom success and contentment in all dimensions of their lives.  She aims to inspire and serve as a Change Agent to induce positive outcomes and sustainable measurable shifts for individuals and organizations' cultures.  She finds fulfillment in raising awareness and consciousness of individuals and employees by tapping into their core-values and their strengths, and by guiding them in discovering their purpose and prime motivators towards achieving a more meaningful life and finding fulfillment in their own definition of success. 

She is the Managing Director of SIPCO Solutions, an Organizational Development and Culture Building Consultancy Firm operating out of Dubai.   

Yasmina is also the founder of jazzycoach.life, offering science-based trendy Millennial and Intergenerational Coaching. 

She is an Advanced International Certified Coach (Life and Executive Coaching), Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Evolutionary Coach, Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant, and a Certified Yoga Instructor.

She previously served on the Board of Directors for the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Dubai Chapter.    

Yasmina values genuine human connections and possesses deep respect for others’ beliefs, ideologies, whilst upholding the strictest forms of ethics and confidentiality.  

Currently, she is completing her Doctorate in Business Administration degree focusing on Leadership & Coaching, while continuing her non-academic work.