Coaching Knowledge Portal: Contributing to development of the coaching knowledge base

The Coaching Knowledge Portal has been created to freely share coaching research and knowledge development with anyone interested in coaching. The aim of this initiative is to increase the impact of coaching knowledge. The Portal serves the coaching profession by featuring a wider variety of organization, from around the globe, that contribute to creation of original coaching knowledge. 

The Portal allows anyone interested in coaching, as a practitioner or user, free access to information about the contribution to coaching knowledge of various knowledge providers. These providers include publishers, researchers, professional coaching bodies or policy makers. We welcome new organization, which meet the criteria, to register on the Portal.

If you are such a coaching knowledge provider, you can use the Portal to:

  • announce and report on your research related events,
  • place calls for participation in your research projects,
  • post information about your recent or forthcoming research work,
  • promote collaboration between other knowledge providers.

If you are a coaching practitioner, student or researcher of coaching, or represent an organization that uses coaching, you can use the Portal to:

  • search for important coaching studies by the research-active academics,
  • learn about new research-related events,
  • respond to calls and to take part in the new research studies.