Leading with Humanity

The Future of Leadership and Coaching

We are delighted to share the results of a phenomenal, first of its kind, collaboration of IOC fellows and the IOC team - 24 coaches, 12 months, and close to 1,000 collective hours.

Leading with Humanity, the Future of Leadership and Coaching, is an IOC report on a qualitative study of the impact of pandemic-era disruptions on organizations, leaders, leadership, and leadership coaching.

A team of nineteen IOC fellows interviewed thirty-three executives in five countries, all of whom were invited to reflect on what they experienced and learned about leadership and the role of coaching in leadership. The report captures the experiences of the executives transcribed and coded from the interviews, which were then contextualized with relevant theoretical and empirical literature.

Our wish for you and your clients?

Relive the acute phase of the pandemic with a reflective stance, harvesting the positive shifts as well as processing the concomitant pain and suffering. Together, let’s sculpt organizational life in a way that better serves humanity, generates agility and resilience, and enables a sustainable future for us all.

Our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of the report’s contributors.

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