Which hat am I wearing now?: an evidence-based tool for coaching self-reflection

Most coaches would say that coaching is a facilitative process the coach listens asks questions and contributes observations. But what do coaches really do?...

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Overview on Executive Coaching

This article reviews executive coaching

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Reflections on Coaching

We asked our senior advisor Lew Stern to weigh in from his perspective on what it takes to embark on the coaching journey.

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Self-Determination Theory

Self-determination theory at a glance.

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Introduction to Coaching Research

This article provides an overview of coaching research and some important links to get started on your research.

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Editorial: De-mystifying Research

De-mystifying Research

Institute Director Carol Kauffman PhD published an editorial in the 2004 International Coaching Research Proceedings titled: De-mystifying Research: An Introduction for Coaches.

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Effective Feedback

Read any popular management text and you’re bound to find a section on the importance of feedback. Yes feedback is important but it is not always helpful. In fact when used inappropriately feedback can disrupt performance. This article will introduce you to the role and importance of feedback: when to use it and how to use it effectively....

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Emotions and Leadership

This is an article on Emotions and Leadership

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A personal perspective on professional coaching and the development of coaching psychology

International Coaching Psychology Review 1 (1)....

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Mindset Learning

A basic introduction to Mindset Learning.

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