CoachXConversations: Will Foussier and Olesya Luraschi

Will Guillaume Foussier and Olesya Luraschi in a conversation regarding innovation in the field of coaching.

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CoachXConversations: David Burkus and Jeff Hull

David Burkus talks with Jeff Hull about remote work.

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How to use Socratic Questioning in Coaching

Select concise, clear, open, purposeful, constructive, focused, and neutral questions with the highest ROQ – return on questions – the greatest impact in the shortest time. Purge the verbiage to make coaching a vagueness-free zone....

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Becoming Recognized for Your Coaching Expertise

Slides to accompany Dorie Clark's Webinar, Becoming Recognized for Your Coaching Expertise

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Webinar: Becoming Recognized for Your Coaching Expertise

You're great at what you do - and now it's time to ensure even more people recognize it....

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April 2021 Coaching Report

In the northern hemisphere, spring is melting snow and growing leaf and flower buds. A sense of new life is palpable. In years past, human lives followed seasonal patterns closely. Winter was a time for going inside - a time for rest and reflection....

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Two Coaching Paths Lead to Same Outcome

To set goals or not set goals, that is the question. The answer from a study of external executive coaching for a group of corporate leaders is that for coachees, facilitative coaching showed similar outcomes to goal-setting coaching.

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Unleashing the Power of Liminal Space

Slides to accompany the webinar: Unleashing the Power of Liminal Space

Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Liminal Space

In this highly interactive discussion, Rick Simmons, CEO, the telos institute, will provide coaches the framework to work with clients and leaders to help them realize the incredible potential of these uncertain times.  At Telos, we use the term “liminal space” to define periods of discontinuity that create an openness to change, much like ...

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CoachXConversations: Marshall Goldsmith and Carol Kauffman

What do you get when you combine parts of Daily Questions, Stakeholder Coaching and Alan Mulally’s Business plan review? The Life Plan Review: a new and incredible tool for coaches. In this pre-recorded LinkedInLive video, Marshall talk about the details of the LPR and why it’s such a valuable tool for coaches and leaders....

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