Coaching and Mentoring in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises in the UK - factors that affect success and a possible solution.


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Coaching in the US: trends and challenges.

Coaching as an industry is thriving in the USA. Coaches who work with individuals and teams are increasingly recognized in both public and private organizations. Individuals hire a coach for both professional and personal work. Educational offerings have increased in recent years and now include a growing number of university programs....

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Toward a profession of coaching: Sixty-five years of progress and challenges for the future.

The coaching industry has reached a key important point in its maturation.  This maturation is being driven by at least three interrelated forces: (1) accumulated coaching experience; (2) the increasing entry of professionals into coaching from a wide variety of prior backgrounds; and (3) the increasing sophistication of management and Huma...

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Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs: What Leads to Success?

Youth Business International (YBI) has helped a significant number of young entrepreneurs through its network of business programmes worldwide. It provides young people who have little more than a bright idea and the determination to succeed with a start-up loan and the services of a volunteer mentor....

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The Coaching Scorecard: a holistic approach to evaluating the benefits of business coaching.

  Abstract ...

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Leadership Coaching as Design Conversation

This paper seeks to bridge and integrate the disciplined and rigorous practice of Design Conversation with the professional practice of coaching within the organisational setting. Argument is made that coaching is uniquely positioned to serve as a tool and process for facilitating genuine and effective dialogue at the organisational level....

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Understanding the experience of experience: a practical model of reflective practice for Coaching.

Coaching is inherently a reflective process. Constructivist theories of learning are well established and greatly inform thinking on coaching. The coaching practitioner literature promotes activities and offers many tools to aid reflection....

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Group supervision for coaches: is it worthwhile? A study of the process in a major professional organisation.

This study sought to understand whether supervision provides real value to coaches by observing the experiences of group supervision for internal coaches in a professional organisation.  All participants appreciated the networking learning and support gained from supervision but the work valued most by them related to cas...

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Implicit theories of courage.

What is courage? This question garners significant interest and attention but little empirical research. An operational definition of courage is essential to good research yet no consensus definition has fully emerged....

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Competencies of the Executive Coach

This is an excerpt from The Executive Coaching Handbook which addresses the definition of executive coaching and competencies required.