100 Fragen Ihr Leben betreffend

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100 Fragen Ihr Leben betreffend
The IOC is pleased to share books authored by our Fellows and Sponsors.
100 Fragen Ihr Leben betreffend
(100 questions about your life)
Knaur October 2009

According to Dr. Petra Bock "Whether we are successful or fail in life is decided on by the ability to ask ourselves the right questions". In her current book "100 Fragen Ihr Leben betreffend" she asks precisely the questions that will allow you to progress. The book will accompany you like a life coach on a journey through your life your wishes and your true goals. "The questions enable you to structure your life more consciously with more fulfillment and more success for the long term" says Petra Bock. "Because it's only when you have answers to the questions of who you are what makes you tick and what you really want that you can actually achieve it".

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