Coaching in the US: trends and challenges.

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Coaching in the US: trends and challenges.
Coaching Jounral

Coaching as an industry is thriving in the USA. Coaches who work with individuals and teams are increasingly recognized in both public and private organizations. Individuals hire a coach for both professional and personal work. Educational offerings have increased in recent years and now include a growing number of university programs. The quality of and collaboration among coaching programs have also increased over the past several years adding value and depth to the educational offerings. Coaching is occurring in many parts of society and there is a growing focus on documenting the effectiveness and value of coaching. This article presents a brief overview of coaching in the USA based on the author's work over the last eight years as a coach practitioner educator and current president of the International Coach Federation (ICF). This is not intended to be all-inclusive as more is occurring than can be covered in one article.

Coaching: An International Journal of Theory Research and Practice 2008 1(2): 186 - 191.

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