Webinar: Coaching for Radical Innovation

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Webinar: Coaching for Radical Innovation

How can we create big value again with innovation? We need to cross the boundaries we’ve set up — boundaries of industry, field, nation, organizational silos, social class, and more. Fertile ground for innovation lies between them, and we'll need leaders and innovators who are broad, deep, and creative, with diverse minds, eclectic skills, and social networks to Match.

These 30 radical-innovation leaders have done it. They’ve created billions of dollars of profits for millions of new customers, science and tech that can save millions of lives, and arts/humanities/NGO’s that have changed the world. Four stories are introduced here from the Olympics, Nokia, Netform Merrill Lynch, and Loreto-Sealdah, with a new framework and insights, so more of us might create more good in the world, as they have – with Fusion.

This session is for:

  • Coaches and coachees who would like to innovate more radically
  • Teams organizations that need to craft high-value innovations (especially across silos, industries, etc.)
  • Leaders concerned about declining returns on innovation efforts, uncertain about organizational survival in a disruptive world, and who would like to lead the radical and new

Takeaways include:

  • A new model of innovation based on 2 years of global research
  • Corporate, startup, and not-for-profit examples
  • Reflective questions to help you start thinking about your and your clients’ journeys

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