Webinar: Coaching, The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership

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Webinar: Coaching, The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership
Screenshot form Webinar: Ruchira Chaudhary and Jeffrey Hull

Uncommon leadership focuses on achieving success by helping others grow. Uncommon Leadership is also about taking people along and helping them become a better version of themselves.

Uncommon leaders understand that it's not just about building an empire or making millions in revenue – they understand also about the journey and the teams they build along the way.  These leaders relentlessly focus on elevating others as they elevate themselves, and their organizations.

What makes someone an Uncommon Leader? How can someone make that journey from being a good leader to an extraordinary one? Coaching is the key or that code that unlocks Uncommon Leadership.

In this session, Ruchira crystallizes the why of Coaching - why coaching is the most crucial ingredient in the leadership mix, and how the best in the business get it right by focusing on their people. How can external coaches like us help these leaders become better ‘leader coaches’ who can elevate, empower, enable and maximize the potential of those they lead.

Key Takeaways:

  • What makes someone an Uncommon or Extraordinary Leader?
  • The Four Cornerstones Framework (from the book)
  • How can we coach these Uncommon Leaders helping them to shine brighter while shining this light on others?

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