Webinar: The How of Working with Character Strengths

Webinar: The How of Working with Character Strengths

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Webinar: The How of Working with Character Strengths
  • What is the latest science revealing about character strengths interventions?
  • What are some typical traps coaches and other practitioners fall into when working with strengths? How might you avoid or overcome these traps?
  • What are the main characteristics of a strengths-based practitioner?
  • How might you apply character strengths interventions in your coaching work? 

This seminar will explore these questions by bringing the science, concepts, and practices of character strengths to life. Drawing from research published this year and earlier, you will take a closer look at impactful strengths interventions and how they can help people flourish, manage stress, and meet their goals. You will leave with essential tools you can begin using with your clients tomorrow.

Before the webinar, be sure to take the free, scientific VIA Survey of strengths (www.viacharacter.org) 

Presenter: Ryan Niemec
Host: Jeff Hull

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