Webinar: Mastering the Power of Sensemaking

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Webinar: Mastering the Power of Sensemaking

Sensemaking is a critical leadership skill useful for comprehending changing context. Combined with analytical thinking, sensemaking is widely used in business organizations to navigate a fast-changing environment.

We live in an uncertain world where our context changes constantly and rapidly. The change is often sudden and caused by unexpected events. The leaders face questions about what caused the change, its implications for our organization, the new opportunities and threats, and how to navigate the fast-changing landscape in our industry.

This session is for:

  • Coaches, mentors, who would like to know more about the power of sensemaking.
  • Leaders, Managers and businessmen who need to create a roadmap of the future in an uncertain world.
  • Understand sensemaking as a common practice for analyzing business trends!

Takeaways include:

  • Understand sensemaking as a critical skill
  • Navigating in the fast-changing environment.
  • Sensemaking process
  • Mastering the power of sensemaking

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