Webinar: Unconscious Bias:The Challenge and Opportunity for Coaching

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Webinar: Unconscious Bias:The Challenge and Opportunity for Coaching



Neuroscience research has begun to ‘connect the dots’ on how the brain works and how brain functioning supports both conscious and unconscious thought processes.  With this newfound knowledge, we are beginning to understand the power of unconscious bias and its impact on behavior, decision-making and interpersonal dynamics. It is important for coaches to be knowledgeable about unconscious bias, since its impact—and fallout—is part of our daily life.  

In this highly interactive webinar, Dr. Davidovich will teach us about the two basic systems that link biases to decision making, and how unconscious bias operates in the brain. He will share what coaches need to know to identify and work on the gap between a client’s intentions – and their actual behavior.  In this session, you will learn:

  • To understand the influence that unconscious bias has on our coaching practice and specifically on us as coaches
  • To identify when unconscious biases can be useful and when they are counter-productive
  • How to support our clients in re-framing and re-wiring conditioned patterns of behavior
  • Tips to support our clients in overcoming biases

Presenters: Carlos Davidovich
Moderator: Chip Carter

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