Roundtable: Coaching the Post-Heroic Leader - How to Coach Millennials and Those Who Lead Them

Roundtable - Coaching the Post-heroic Leader

On Friday, September 22, 2017, IOC hosted a Roundtable Event in Bethesda, Maryland. This session’s topic facilitated by IOC Director of Education and Business Development, Jeff Hull, PhD, focused on Coaching the Post-Heroic Leader - How to Coach Millennials  and Those Who Lead Them.

Jeff moderated the discussion and shared evidence-based framework that he utilizes in coaching leaders of all ages in today’s flatter, wired world. Attendees participated in a dialogue with lots of opportunity to share experiences and resources from our respective learning and practice.   


Participants (IOC Fellows, Affiliates and Non-Members) in attendance:

Patricia Hinton Walker (Fellow)
Yasmina Suleyman Halawi (Affiliate)
Abigail K. Wenner
Cheri Allen
Devan Musser (Affiliate)
Margie Heiler (Affiliate)
Amy Stumme (Affiliate)
Linda Roszak Burton (Affiliate)
Maura Fredericks (Affiliate)
Jeri Darling (Fellow)
Shirley St. Michael (Affiliate)
Jacqueline S. Walker (Affiliate)
Mona Sanders
Tanara Bowie

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