Andrew Parsons

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Andrew works in private practice supporting individuals and teams develop through change in personal and professional circumstances.  He is especially interested in supporting people develop the resources or mental capital to adapt to complex professional roles and/or changes in personal situations.  He often works with individuals following diagnosis and treatment for medical conditions for either individuals or their family members.  He also supports organisations develop healthy and productive work environments.

He initially trained as a Scientist and as a specialist Pharmacologist and Neuroscientist.  He worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry focusing on developing new medicines for migraine, pain, neuro-rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s Disease and HIV.  He has published over a 100-peer review scientific articles and book chapters in Science and Medical Education.  He also co-authored a handbook for developing leaders with Barbara Mariposa.  Their e-book “Leading with Presence; what it is, why it matters and how to get it” is widely available.  He is a regular contributor to National and International Conferences on a range of topics from brain neuroplasticity following stroke to financial and technical risk management approaches in medicines development and the development of a Coaching Service in the NHS (UK) for patients and families impacted by cancer (see

As a senior/executive leader, he led technical and business process innovations across organizational and multicultural boundaries. Through his work in Pharmaceutical Research he became interested in the interplay between individuals and organisational systems and the impact on employee health and performance.  He co-led the systems mapping group within the Pharmaceutical Industry Special interest group at the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors to develop new processes in relation to industry standards in creating Human Centred Organisations (ISO27500). 

He has been involved in supporting individuals develop professional leadership skills through mentoring, coaching and training for several years. He now works full time in this area, supporting people develop both personal and professional leadership skills through training and development with his company, Reciprocal Minds Limited which was formed in 2012.  He co-created with Sue Jackson (Whitespace Coaching) the Certificate level Salutogenic Coaching Programme (Accredited by the Association of Coaching) and the Essential of Coaching for Health Care Professionals and Leaders.

He is a Master NLP practitioner, qualified hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and JobPlus Coach (GSK) and a certified Professional Medical Coach.  He trained with the Quest Institute, Coaching Space (with GSK), Coaching Development and the Medical Coaching Institute.  In his work he can use biofeedback approaches (HeartMath) to enable clients to manage their physiological and emotional states. He also has a Master degree in Psychology (with distinction).  His latest research has focused on how to support people return to work after cancer treatment.  His work has been presented at Occupational Psychology, Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology conferences.

Since 2014, he is the lead coach and supervisor for the Fountain Centre Coaching Service which offers coaching for patients and family members at St Luke’s Cancer Centre within the Royal Surrey County Hospital.  He was also part of the coaching programme for patients in the Transverse Myelitis Society.  He also works closely with other organisations offering support for people to work through change and transitions.  He is an Associate of the Social Enterprise, Working With Cancer.