Anthony (Tony) Jack

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Anthony Jack is a ‘neurophilosopher’ – an interdisciplinary academic, author and executive coach whose neuroimaging laboratory discovered the mind’s essential tension – a neurological divide between our capacity for being rational (Analytic Network) vs. being reasonable (Empathic Network). His Brain, Mind & Consciousness laboratory continues to research the neuroscience of coaching, empathy and behavior change. Prior to starting his laboratory in 2007, Dr. Jack studied and trained at world-leading centers for the Mind and Brain: Philosophy & Psychology BSc from Oxford University; Psychology PhD from University College London; postdocs at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Queen Square, London; and Dept. Neurology, Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Jack is a Board Certified Coach. His coaching and research draw from many important schools of psychological thought, including up to date research in social & emotional intelligence, positive psychology, intentional change theory and self-determination theory, as well as Gestalt, psychoanalytic & person-centered approaches to therapy. He is currently an associate professor of Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience & Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.