Hugh Todd

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Hugh has been a pioneering professional coach, in one form or another, since 1977 with clients ranging from NATO to construction and not for profits, from Boardrooms and the C-Suite to site teams and young people ‘at risk’. 

His empowering style and easy manner disguise an ability to ask questions that get to the heart of the matter. He is able to adapt to individual and group settings with ease and is driven by the desire to be the catalyst for lasting , positive change. Hugh also brings exceptional global cultural awareness to his work, having lived on four continents: East Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia.  
  • Leadership Effectiveness The Marshall Goldsmith process is rigorous, intensive and guarantees demonstrable and sustainable progress in leader skills and behaviours. There is a highly visible chain reaction as the process involves others and it cascades through the leader’s immediate colleagues. A typical engagement is for 12 months.  As an independent leadership coach I analyse your existing strengths and priorities for development. I can provide structured programmes in Communication & Conflict, in Energising and Inspiring your people, and in Problem Solving & Decision Making. I have created a series of 45+ short videos for individual learning, review and reflection.
  • Professional Effectiveness – It is easy to lose sight of our priorities and to run the risk of professional burnout. Effective leaders need to lead by example by focusing on quality performance in every aspect of our lives, over the long term. I help you with identifying core personal values and motivators, with managing personal & professional stress and pressure, with managing time and priorities, and with being effective in conflict situations and with difficult people.
  • Resilient Organisation, Resilient People – Perhaps the key competitive advantage for companies in the 21st century. Is your company merely coping with today’s challenges, or do you have what it takes to adapt to unexpected change in the future,  - or even to create that new future? How to build sustainable success, minimising staff turnover and absence, and building capacity for growth are part of this theme. 

Specialist Topics Also Include:

  1. Managing Change and Resistance to Changefrom systems intervention to organisational development models, understanding how to spot well hidden sabotage and ‘dragging anchors’ that hold change back, and how to deal with them.
  2. High Performing Teamwork – Sometimes we inherit dysfunctional teams, and this is a nightmare for leaders. We need strategies for creating high performing work teams & organisations. Content here is drawn both from research and from my own work in the construction industry.
  3. Engaging and Mobilising People a range of strategies, including building talent management systems that are meaningful and relevant & that identify evidence both of strengths and of areas for development, strategies for raising performance at individual and team levels, and how to make feedback effective.
  4. Coaching Your People for Peak Performance – with a deep understanding of different approaches to raising performance and potential, this topic helps managers to understand when to direct, when to mentor, when to coach and how to identify when specialist help is required. Coaching processes and how to ask powerful, insightful questions form the core of this topic, which can transform the culture of a company.
  5. Delegating and Empoweringthe fatal flaw that undermines delegation, the range of skills that are needed to make it effective, and the five principles that turn superficial ‘empowerment’ programs into something genuine.
  6. Customer Relations and Care – how to generate raving fans internally and externally, provide service excellence, deal with angry customers and turn problems into opportunities to win people over.
  7. Networking Skills how to build strategic alliances and credibility through genuine relationships instead of suffering the ‘hard sell’, stranger anxiety or simple avoidance that can happen sometimes; how to deal effectively with the ‘So - what do you do?’ minefield question, and the questions you can ask to elicit much more valuable information.
  8. Company Success Elements – 5 themes identified by Harvard Business School that form the common elements of any successful business. Discover these and develop tailored strategies that suit your own unique organisation.
  9. Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors developing diverse leaders: understanding the real and perceived issues, strength finding activities, tailored strategies and action plans for future success and advancement, building self-confidence and self-belief, and identifying resources. This program promotes diversity in thought, experience, culture and values at executive levels.