Katie Comtois

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Katie is an Executive Coach for High Potential Emerging Leaders in business. She works exclusively with successful professionals who are invested in realizing their potential as leaders and who are committed to maximizing their impact within their organizations and beyond. Katie’s unique coaching style is designed to support and to enhance sustainable behavioral change for the next generation of C-Suite Executives, and is grounded in the empirical research in both Positive Psychology and Leadership Development.

A competitive spirit and high achiever, Katie has spent most of her adult life studying human potential. Katie’s greatest strengths are her love of learning, futuristic focus, zestful energy, empathy, direct communication style, and grit.

Katie holds two graduate degrees, one in Counseling and one is Positive Psychology, and is a Board Certified Executive Coach. Her interests in both leadership and empirically valid approaches to sustainable, positive behavior change led Katie to her calling as a Leadership Coach. Katie works exclusively with successful millennial professionals who have been identified as tomorrow’s C-Suite Executives. Her clients are invested in and committed to maximizing their impact within their organizations and beyond.

While studying Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, Katie committed to doing her part to realize Dr. Martin Seligman’s vision that 51% of the world’s population will be thriving by the year 2051. Katie believes that her unique purpose in this life is to educate, to empower, and to support our next generation of global leaders to reach this goal.

An accomplished endurance athlete, Katie is results-driven. As the last few miles of any Ironman-distance triathlon has taught her time and time again, a year’s worth of planning, training, and executing counts only after you have crossed the finish line. Katie approaches coaching as she does preparing for any big race. She works with her clients to create highly individualized action plans, measures and tracks progress, and bills her clients only after they have crossed the finish line and have reached their goals.

Katie is a life-long learner, an athletic enthusiast, a physical and psychological health-nut, a loving wife, and a proud mother. She practices what she preaches, and strives to be the very best version of herself at all times. Katie does not believe in shortcuts. Any extraordinary result requires extraordinary effort and Katie works with exemplars who are up for the challenge of being the very best version of themselves.