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My purpose is to enable individuals and teams to strengthen their self-understanding, their focus and potential, within the context of their roles and organization.   
After my first degree in Languages, I established myself as an entrepreneur in corporate training & development in Vienna, working across private and public sector organizations.   After gaining an MBA, I specialized in management development, and over the last 20 years have engaged with enthusiasm and commitment in supporting managers in their professional development and personal growth. As a trainer, facilitator and coach, I have worked in 28 countries for clients in service and industrial organizations

As an executive coach, I am passionate about the opportunities that coaching provides for exploration, discovery and renewal.  The coaching process enables clients to see themselves and their environments with greater clarity and insight, to recognize and unlock their inner resources, and to engage with the demands and challenges they face, positively and creatively.

I am committed to the coaching process in which coach and client build a collaborative working relationship. We start this by establishing a trusting and open rapport, and then create a safe space in which the client can reflect on the issues or challenges that are currently important, through conversation with a skilled listener.

Our objective is to build a high level of awareness at three levels: the client as themselves, their role and the organisation within which they are embedded.  I work alongside my clients to make sense of these elements  in relation to the goals we are focussing on.  We explore the interplay between the three elements and use the insights and understanding that emerge to build greater clarity, control, confidence and purpose.

My executive coach skills draw on three areas of training and certification expertise: 
Client Centred Consulting:    enabling individuals and groups to take ownership of change
GROW coaching:                targeting well defined goals through a solution focus
Insight focussed coaching:     systemic coaching, exploring the context and unconscious dynamics 

Coaching training qualification:
•    2017 to 2018 – Executive Coaching, Tavistock Consulting, London, EMCC senior practitioner recognition
•    2017 – Introduction to NLP, McCartney, London;  
•    2017 – Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching, The Coaching Academy, London
•    2011 and ongoing yearly CPD - Client-Centred Consultancy, Oxford Management Consultants
•    2000 – The Leicester Group Relations Conference: Authority, Leadership & Organisation run by Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London

Areas of Expertise:
•    Organisational Culture & Behaviour
•    Emotional Intelligence, High Performance Teams
•    Organisational / Team Collaboration
•    Working below the surface in teams and organisations, making sense of the unconscious

Client Types/Levels of Experience:
•    Senior Executives,  Senior Management Teams
•    Middle Management
•    Entrepreneurs
•    Project Managers

Industry Experience:
•    Service and media organisations
•    United Nations, European Commission
•    Education, non-profit, research
•    Public sector, local government
•    Engineering, industry and innovation

Professional Experience:
•    Corporate Learning Solutions plc, Shareholder, Programme Director, Facilitator, Coach
•    Data Protection Officer, CLS
•    MBA Management Advisor (2000-2010)
•    Mind&More Training Co-Founder/ Director (1995-2005)
•    OU Business School Representation Founder & Director (1993-2017)

Functional Experience:
•    Educational entrepreneur
•    Business development management
•    Strategic and operational management
•    Business Owner and Director
•    Executive & Group Coach, trainer and facilitator

•    MA, Classics & Modern Languages, Oxford University, 1985
•    MBA, Open University Business School, UK, 1996
•    Introduction to Psychology, OU, 1998

•    English (native)
•    German (professional)
•    Spanish and French (spoken)