Erdös, Tünde

Tünde Erdös

For Tünde: coaching and leadership are not a profession, not even a vocation, but a pro-vocation. Tünde’s pro-vocation is: offering coaches and leaders ways in which they can generate social impact beyond the ‘me business’, as she puts it provocatively. Because: both coaching and leadership are a social impact instrument. What is the legacy we as leaders and coaches are leaving behind? How are we ensuring that we are at our best in the instrumental roles we embody? How are we making use of the trust that we received as a gift from others to empower them and enable them to be at their best too?

Tünde holds a PhD in Business and Organizational Management, an Ashridge Master’s in Executive Coaching and Team Coaching, and an Ashridge Master’s in Coaching and Organizational Supervision. Tünde is an MCC (Master Coach Practitioner) level coach with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a Senior Practitioner with EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). She has so far published four scientific articles in international high-ranking peer-reviewed scientific journals, has published three books, and has authored a whole range of articles in professional coaching magazines so far. Tünde runs her ICF accredited coach training ‘integrative presence’ focusing on ‘presence’ as the key competence at mastery level both in coaching and leadership. Last but not least, Tünde produced a coaching documentary on ‘The light and shadow of coaching – in and beyond organizations’ collecting donations to fund coach training for women in Kenya. The purpose is: Empowering Women in Kenya through coaching as a social impact instrument.

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