Hooi, Eng

Eng Hooi

Eng Hooi (Coachenghooi.com) is an Author, Learning & Development practitioner, and Executive Coach. He is a former Head of Organization Development and Global Master Coach for a major technology firm in Asia, where his key mandate is to develop talents and learning strategies for organizational development and also to create a coaching culture for future growth. Previously, he was co-leading global coaching task forces. He and his team have designed and rolled out a series of coaching initiatives and certification programs for all the leaders regionally and globally.

In a local context, Eng Hooi has led multiple functions in HR such as learning and development, talent management, as an HR business partner, employee engagement, employer branding, and HR innovation and digitization.

Eng Hooi is an author of his first book Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture, A Step By Step Guide to Coaching Culture Implementation and he believes coaching is the key enabler to achieving business success. He is also a professional certified coach (PCC, ICF), a certified trainer, diversity and inclusion facilitator, and has more than fifteen years of corporate working experience as well as consulting experience.

Eng Hooi is the Chair of Coaching Culture International Community and the Past President of the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (2021-2023). He was awarded the Coach Awards - Silver for "Best Internal Coach 2022".

Eng Hooi is married with one daughter, and he likes to travel with his family. Eng Hooi is also a certified rock-climbing instructor, Triathlete, and in his leisure time likes to teach rock climbing, play soccer, learn new skills such as new languages, write, and learn musical instruments.

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