Utley, Jeremy

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Jeremy Utley

Jeremy Utley is a world-leading expert on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. His courses at Stanford have been experienced by nearly a million students over the last 13 years. His new book, Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters, was an instant best seller and named a “Must Read” by the “Next Big Idea Club.” As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Jeremy translates his research into the history of invention and discovery into transformative learning experiences.

Jeremy is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford’s School of Engineering and d.school, where his research and teaching focus on creating real-world impact with the tools of design. As the Founder of Stanford’s Masters of Creativity series (former Director of Executive Education), he’s a “front row student in the world’s coolest classroom,” and shines a spotlight on the ways every single one of us can emulate creative masters and grow in their own journey of becoming.

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