CoachX: Thinking Errors and the Coaching Process: How to help your leaders make better decisions

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CoachX: Thinking Errors and the Coaching Process: How to help your leaders make better decisions

In this CoachX podcast, Dr. Christy Pearson, IOC Founding Fellow will address following objectives:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the impact of distorted thinking has on decision-making, and ultimately the leader’s impact or success
  • Enhance coaches own awareness of their thinking style and biases
  • Become more adept at identifying individual biases and team biases and how to address when working with senior leaders

About the presenter:

Christy Pearson is a co-founder of Opus Leadership Group, which is a small boutique consulting group providing leadership development services to c-level executives and senior leaders in Denver, Colorado.

Christy specializes in executive level assessment and development, which ultimately drives selection decisions, succession planning and leadership development programming. She also focuses much of her work coaching individual leaders and senior teams and helping them understand the complexities of decision-making, problem-solving and other cognitive related issues often experienced by senior leaders. Her experience covers a diverse array of industries, including banking, energy and utilities, professional services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, insurance, manufacturing, restaurant, retail and government.

Prior to Opus Leadership Group, Christy was a consultant with a firm specializing in linking managerial effectiveness, organizational performance, and business strategy. Her previous leadership experience included being a member of a senior management team at a State of Colorado agency where she developed and managed new programs and interventions, resulting in recognized best practices. She also consulted to large government agencies in the areas of effective programming, change implementation, and employee retention.

Christy earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Oklahoma State University. She is currently a board member for Red Rocks Credit Union. When not exploring the complex world of business organizations, Christy enjoys the many wonders of the Colorado outdoor life and exploring the natural beauty and wonders of the West.

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