Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings

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Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings
Cover of Book: Glad We Met

There are an estimated 200-500 million 1:1 meetings held each day around the world, but are they run as transformatively as they could be? Or are they just talk?

In Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings Dr. Steven Rogelberg, author of The Surprising Science of Meetings, helps us maximize the potential of these crucial conversations.

1:1s are arguably one of the most critical meeting types for the success of team members, managers, coaches, teams, and organizations. The best managers recognize that 1:1s are not an add-on to their role as a manager. Conducting 1:1s successfully are foundational to being a manager. At the same time, these meetings are the core of a direct report's experience and development at work, including how well they engage and attach to their role, perceive the effectiveness of their manager, and envision their future at the organization. Scouring the research and evidence collected over 20 years from managers and team members, and drawing on interviews with top leaders from some of the most respected companies in the world, Steven Rogelberg covers topics such as:

  • Why effective 1:1s are critical to your success and the success of your team
  • Messaging and positioning 1:1s for maximum value
  • Finding the correct 1:1 cadence and meeting length to maximize positive impact without over-meeting
  • Managing the intricate balance of productivity-building, relationship-building, and employee development
  • Designing 1:1s with intentionality, from where to conduct the meeting to building agendas to optimize effectiveness
  • Acting as leader coach and leveraging key skills around facilitation, listening, and feedback-giving
  • How to personalize your 1:1 approach to fit you and your direct reports - one size does not fit all

Glad We Met will make managers and direct reports walk away from every 1:1 energized more than any other moment of their workweek and with enduring impact.

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