MasterClass: Literacy in Mental Health

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MasterClass: Literacy in Mental Health

This MasterClass will attempt to elucidate the fuzzy boundary between coaching and therapy. Given that over 25% of individuals have some kind of mental health diagnosis within a given year1 and studies show that 25-50% of coaching clients have clinically significant levels of stress, anxiety or depression2, along with the fact that worldwide only a relatively small percentage of coaches have clinical training, the coaching world needs to pay serious attention to this issue.

It is very likely that you will encounter (or have already encountered) a client who has mental health issues. The purpose of this MasterClass is to prepare you for this encounter so that you can provide the best service for your client while preserving appropriate boundaries of the client-coach relationship. Non-clinicians need to know when they are dealing with something beyond their expertise. This MasterClass provides access to the following articles, book chapters, summaries, and practical tips (under Related Resources) that will help you navigate the murky waters at the border of mental disorders and “normal” fluctuations in behavior, cognition, and emotion. We hope that you will find these materials informative and helpful.

1Sally Ourieff, M.D., Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital,
2Anthony Grant, “A personal perspective on professional coaching and the development of coaching psychology,” International Coaching Psychology Review, Vol. 1 No. 1, April, 2006.

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