Webinar: Coaching Global Leaders in Transition (Resource)

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Webinar: Coaching Global Leaders in Transition (Resource)

It may surprise you to learn that 40 percent of global leaders assigned to either new positions or overseas assignments fail after 18 months. At the same time, research has shown that targeted coaching interventions with global expatriates and leaders can help avoid these disastrous consequences and ensure success. In this first-of-its kind webinar, Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC, BCC will share her experience working with a wide range of global leaders. In a highly interactive format, Dr. Burrus will share:

  • What you were never told about expatriates that will set you up for success when coaching them.
  • Mini case studies of leaders in different types of transitions across organizations and within different corporate cultures.
  • How to develop and sell your expertise coaching global leaders.

After 20 years of experience, Katrina has gained a vast amount of experience working within this field. She has coached global leaders when they are at different junctures, helped them overcome obstacles and make tough decisions under pressure. Based in Geneva Switzerland, Katrina has coached and advised C-suite leaders who are responsible for thousands of people in a wide range of countries and cultures.

No matter where we are in our coaching business, we are always transitioning or helping others to do so. This is an opportunity to share amongst experienced coaches and learn about this niche market—internationally focused leaders across the globe. For additional information, articles on the subject of cross-cultural global leaders can be found on Dr. Burrus website at www.mkbconseil.ch under online coaching.

Presenter: Dr. Katrina Burrus

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