Webinar: Contemporary Leadership Practices for Building Adaptive Organizations

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Webinar: Contemporary Leadership Practices for Building Adaptive Organizations
Building Adaptive Organizations

Even before the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, leaders struggled with increasing environmental volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In response, they sought to improve business agility, hoping the ability to quickly adapt would equip their organizations to better manage emerging threats and fleeting opportunities.

Most agile business transformations fail, however. The result is close to a trillion dollars in failed transformations annually and far too many burned-out executives.

The failure of agile transformations stems, in a large part, from leaders’ application of traditional best practices to today’s new and fundamentally different challenges.  To succeed and thrive in the current environment, requires a new enterprise operating model and new set of leadership capabilities based on the principles of complex adaptive system.  

This interactive session with Dr. Dan Fisher and Dr. Steve Garcia from the Institute for Contemporary Leadership will show why traditional enterprise operating models are poorly suited to today’s reality, explain how complexity science offers a new path, present a new, more adaptive approach with a 3.7X success rate, and share the contemporary practices that leaders must adopt to succeed in the new and the next and how coaches can support them.

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