Webinar: East Meets West: The Secrets of Stress in Personal Transformation

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Webinar: East Meets West: The Secrets of Stress in Personal Transformation

In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity — Albert Einstein

It’s predictable. We experience stress when we want something to be different than it is.

The very thought of not being able to control a person, place or thing triggers anxiety in some, overwhelms others and very quickly entangles our thoughts and emotions. We feel like we can’t get out no matter what we try. Dwelling on it, talking about it, procrastinating and so many things increase our stress and anxiety, but very few things give us actual relief.

You cannot stop the ripples in a pond. Any attempt at doing, will just make more ripples.

Because stress and anxiety are so hard to mange and many times unconscious, many people ignore (flight response) their stressors by sticking their head in the sand and hope the situation or person will go away. Others choose the “fight” response and get right in there and try to control the situation, which can escalate things to a new level. Ultimately when we do not resolve things they linger in our unconscious or conscious mind and lead to a bigger mess, even physical or mental illness, when left unmanaged.

In this webinar, we will explore stress from both sides; an Eastern philosophy perspective and a Western neuroscience and psychological perspective. These insights will give you, the coach, powerful transformative tools to use with your anxious clients, and to offer your clients to manage their stress so they can lead from a place of relaxed confidence, not control or anxiety (in this constantly changing world). Sincerely practicing these techniques will change your life professionally and personally and those of your clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what Swami’s in India have known for thousands of years
  • Explore the power of deliberate, conscious thought
  • Learn why we all run from stress like a frightened child
  • Learn to slow your clients down so that you can cut to the core of the issue and uncover the ahha moment they would love to have

Instructor will link East to West outlining everything with empirical scientific evidence you can trust.

Join the very few in the world that understand the core of stress, and have the tools to course correct in any situation the rest of your life. These tools have the power to change your life, your outcomes and those you work with.

For Stress Science References: click here.

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