Anne, Michelle

Michelle Anne

Michelle Anne

Having studied under both Harvard professors and Indian Gurus, Michelle Anne has become widely known as a thought leader and one of the country’s leading experts in transforming high stress and conflict into high performance. She is known as “The Brain Trainer” by her colleagues due to her ability to accelerate change from the inside out.

Meet Michelle Anne — Harvard Trained in Neuroscience, national keynote speaker and CEO of system2 — one of only a few ICF Certified Master Executive Neuro Coaches in the world. Michelle has trained over 10,000 people and has over 30 years of experience with federal and state agencies, and Fortune 100 businesses. She is known for blending “head and heart” (figuratively and literally) in her approach to developing business leaders and resolving team conflict. An expert at resolving highly complex people problems. She is adept in resolving high stress situations quickly and genuinely.

Her success is a product of 3 decades of relentless research and real world application. Her work has been adopted at institutions such as The Mayo Clinic, FEMA, Charles Schwab and by The Central Intelligence Agency, where 3rd party studies prove these techniques work.

Michelle explains the science behind thought, mindset, performance and things like conflict so you can understand and master new ways of relating, that not only reduce stress, but improve your performance and life along the way.

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