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Webinar: How You Should Measure the ROI of Coaching

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Webinar: How You Should Measure the ROI of Coaching

The benefits of coaching for both the individual and the organization are well researched and documented, but it still proves to be difficult to talk about the direct return on investment (ROI) of coaching for an organization. In this presentation, in partnership with AceUp, James Lopata, VP of Coaching Supervision at AceUp will moderate a discussion with a panel of experts on how you should (and shouldn't) measure, and talk about, the ROI of a coaching engagement. Our panelists will take a close look at the systemic impact that coaching has on the broader organization and how this can be traced to stronger business outcomes and bigger bottom lines. The panelists will also discuss ways that one should talk about the benefits that coaching in order to foster buy-in with key stakeholders. Whether you're a coach, a business professional, or an HR leader, you won't want to miss this valuable presentation.

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