Salles-Olivier, Nathalie

Nathalie Salles Oliver

Nathalie Salles-Olivier

Nathalie Salles is currently the Head of Live Learning for Facebook. In this role, she helps Facebook leaders and teams excel in increasingly complex environments by building a thriving, world-wide ecosystem of coaching and team development  resources.

Prior to joining Facebook, Nathalie spent over 25 years working with technically brilliant, global C-level executives committed to humanizing their leadership style, driving better business results and truly changing the world. Her clients include multinational brands such as: Google, Tesla, TMobile, Uber, Coursera, NASA, Partners Healthcare, Fairchild Semiconductor and more.

Nathalie has two Masters: one in Business and one in Sustainable Business, and she has a graduate certificate in Executive Individual Coaching, Team and Group Coaching. She is passionate about helping leaders and teams accelerate positive personal transformation while simultaneously making dynamic progress toward specific goals, strategies, or vertical growth vision.

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