The global initiatives in the coaching field

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The global initiatives in the coaching field
Coaching Jounral

The escalating demand for coaching worldwide has motivated practitioners consumers and educators of coaching to advocate professionalisation of the industry to safeguard quality effectiveness and ethical integrity. The potential benefit to coaching of professional status has led to an interest in consultative dialogue such as the Global Convention on Coaching (GCC) and the International Coaching Research Forum (ICRF). The formal GCC began in July 2007 in New York culminating in Dublin in 2008 with the presentation and discussion of white papers related to the advancement of the discipline. The Dublin Declaration on Coaching recommends establishment of a common understanding of the profession through shared codes of ethics standards of practice and educational guidelines; acknowledgement of the multi-disciplinary roots and nature of coaching; and moving beyond self-interest to address core critical areas in on-going consultative dialogue. In September 2008 the ICRF consisting of internationally recognised researchers coaching professionals and other stakeholders met at Harvard to produce research proposal outlines to advance coaching as an evidence-based discipline. The GCC and ICRF have initiated a process that is seeking to clarify what coaching is to measure and study its effectiveness and to identify what role practitioners academics and other stakeholders have to play. This article examines the achievements of the GCC in some detail with an overview of the ICRF. However coaching is a fair distance from becoming a profession and there is a question mark as to whether it will become a full-blown profession. The challenge for stakeholders in the global coaching community is to let go of power control and territoriality in order to collaborate and share their ideas expertise and research to advance a more disciplined and rigorous field.

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring CIJTRP Volume 2 Issue 1

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