Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well

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Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well
Book Cover: Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well

Heart-Centered Leadership is a transformational business book, one that is keenly attuned to the growing awareness of the need for more mindful leaders who realize that self-care and authenticity have a deeply significant impact on the satisfaction and well-being of their workforce and, by extension, the bottom line.

Providing a counterpoint to the ethical bankruptcy of contemporary business, Heart-Centered Leadership champions the message that sound ethical practices must begin from within. By the careful application of seven underlying principles and virtues, the authors describe a clear path that sets a course for successful leadership that rises above the confusions and contradictions of other strategies. Richly founded on interviews with leaders, examples drawn from diverse businesses, reference tools, scientific data, and exercises to aid in the actualization of these principles and values, Heart-Centered Leadership goes beyond theory, empowering you to integrate this knowledge into your life.

By adopting the principles of Heart-Centered Leadership, you'll boost over-all profitability by:

  • Creating emotionally engaged, tuned in employees who are highly motivated to want to do their very best work for you
  • Creating a workplace that attracts and keeps the best and the brightest
  • Keeping customers and clients satisfied and using your products and services consistently


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