Webinar: Cultural Equity and Women in Leadership

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Webinar: Cultural Equity and Women in Leadership

February's webinar will cover two topics by two presenters: 1) Got Privilege?  What does it have to do with Executive Coaching?  presented by Gail Greenstein, Ed.D.; and 2) The Silenced Female Leader: Coaching Women to Find Purposeful Voice, presented by Carrie Arnold, PhD, PCC.

Got Privilege?  What does it have to do with Executive Coaching? 

Presenter: Gail Greenstein, Ed.D.

The International Coaching Federation promotes the use of Cultural Competence as a key competency for successful Executive Coaches. Serious limitations exist to using this as a framework. We will explore how Executive Coaches can build their critical consciousness by understanding the complex dimensions of social location, privilege, power and oppression. Research has affirmed that Executive Coaching literature mostly aligns with Cultural Competence. When Executive Coaches use an ‘intersectional’ lens and consider the matrix of power, privilege and oppression, clients will be able to experience an expanded and liberated view of their development and performance. This critical paradigm of Intersectionality will also help coaches better understand themselves, avoid blind spots, and support their clients in a larger context to affect relevant, sustainable change to become better leaders. These critical frameworks and new paradigms will ultimately support and generate more resilience for coachees and promote liberatory practices that enhance development of diverse client populations.

The Silenced Female Leader: Coaching Women to Find Purposeful Voice

Presenter: Carrie Arnold, PhD, PCC

Silencing theories have evolved over the last 45 years but have not intersected with women in leadership studies to explain how silencing is a variable for female leaders. Female leaders are subject to multiple forms of system, relationship, and self-silencing. Female leaders perceive their silencers as unknowingly incessant and experience silencing by both men and women. When female leaders are silenced, all their domains are virally impacted which causes a diminished sense of agency. Women may leave their leadership positions or opt out of leadership, but these changes do not consistently bring voice recovery. Coaching female leaders using new distinctions of silencing, purposeful voice and voice efficacy is a rich terrain for leadership coaches.

Host: Jeffrey Hull, PhD

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