Akihiko Morita

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Main professional activities
1983-1995 Worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
1992-1994 Seconded to UN Development Program in New York
1996-2004 Worked for the Japan Committee for UNICEF
2008-2010 Worked as professor of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, teaching international human rights while served as deputy representative of environment NGO unit of the G8 Summit NGO Forum, a network of NGOs for the G8 Summit in 2008
2008-2010 Served as Director of the Child Rights Center of the Save the Children Japan, 2010-2019 Worked as professor of SHOKEI GAKUIN University, teaching international human rights and global education
2016-2017 As a visiting scholar to the Columbia University in the city of New York
2020/02-2020/09 Worked for the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Organizing Committee as a Venue Language Service Manager and created training materials in English for Olympic vlunteers
2020/04~ Working as Associate Coach with BetterUp
2022/12~ Working as Premier Fellow Coach with BetterUp

Licenses & Certifications
Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation, January 2022
ICF Team Coaching Assessment Development Workshop VI, November 2021
Certificate of Completion of the Group Coaching Certificate Program at Betterup, February 2021
Certificate of Completion of Conscious Business Coaching in Betterup, December 2020
Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation, January 2019
Member of International Coaching Federation New York Chapter(04/2016~present)
Robbins & Madanes Training Life Coach, August 2018
Ginza Coaching School Certified Professional Coach, July 2018
Ginza Coaching School Certified Coaching Instructor, September 2019

Main publications
Human Rights Education at the Digital/Global Age, Human Rights Education in the Asia-Pacific Vol.9, Hurights Osaka (Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center)、January, 2020

Introduction to Global Human Rights - Philosophies of human rights in the contemporary multicultural society, Fujiwara-shoten, Sept, 2017, in Japanese

Intercultural Approach for the Asia Pacific -Human Rights Stories -, Asian Legal Philosophy, Vol.3 No.1, Dec. 2016 in English

A neo-communitarian approach on human rights as a cosmopolitan imperative in East Asia, folosofia unisinos, 13(3) 358-366, Dec 2012, in English 
Difference in the Conceptions of Self as subject of human rights between the West and Japan - Can Confucian Self be strong enough to exercise the positive liberty in the authoritarian society ?, Rights, Language and Law (ARSP-Beihefte), 131, March 2012, in English   

Expressive-arts-therapy applied research method, Asian Breeze No.48、Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women, 2007, in English

The New Horizon of Human Rights - Dialogue with Charles Taylor, Fujiwara-shoten, April 2005, in Japanese

Educational background
1983 Bachelor of art in Literature, Tohoku University, 
1985-1987 Studied Economics, Statistics, Mathematics and the Old Testament in Hebrew at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as a regular student 
1999 Master of Arts in International Economics, Aoyama Gakuin University, 
2006 Ph.D on social philosophy, Waseda University
2016-2017 Visiting Scholar to the Columbia University (New York, USA)