Darlene Trandel

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Darlene Trandel, PhD, RN/FNP, CNS, CCP, PCC is a licensed family nurse practitioner, mental health clinical nurse specialist, an International Coach Federation certified professional health and wellness coach, and a certified professional in chronic care. 

Currently Darlene is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Partnerships, Professional Education & Practice at the Univ of Maryland, School of Nursing where she is helping to design and test the use of mentoring as a a primary strategy to establish healthful work environments and facilitate the ongoing career development of faculty. 

Darlene is also faculty and project director at Wellcoaches Corporation where she trains and mentors health-wellness certified coaches at basic and advanced levels and leads special projects undertaken by the Wellcoaches organization. She also lectures and provides course design for the Harvard University, graduate "Science of Coaching" course. 

As Senior Adviser and Subject Matter Expert for National Certification at the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaching, Darlene has played an active role in assisting the Board in setting national standards and certification of health and wellness coaches. As part of the core team of 12 national health and wellness coaches she has helped in developing and validating a national health coaching certification exam launching in 2016.

As part of her own private practice (Health and Well Being Institute LLC and The Health Care Coach) Darlene works with individuals, groups and organizations as a coach, consultant, mentor and trainer. She does frequent training workshops, CEU classes and speaking engagements, across a variety of evidence-based health and wellness areas including coaching frameworks/approaches and skills, change, transformation, brain health and organizing the mind, positive psychology strategies, interpersonal communications and relationships, leadership and engagement, healthy lifestyles and interventions and chronic disease management.