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Freddie Tezak is a business and leadership coach with 30 years of experience working with organizations, teams and professionals to develop and attain goals, effectively budget and exceed revenue expectations. Ms. Tezak’s work is centered on leadership effectiveness coaching, dedicated to coaching high achieving individuals accountable for their results. She has coached CEO’s of international companies as well as all levels of managers in large and small businesses on leadership and presentation skills, sales management, budget development, team building and goal attainment. In addition, she provides regional workshops for growth minded individuals who want to be more effective in building their personal success plans and achieving business revenue successes.

Hired for training and strategic client development, her specialties include growth and change management with a solution oriented approach and customer service focus dependent upon internal accountability systems. She has also served in senior management positions for companies responsible for corporate positioning campaigns and strategic revenue generating plans, including coaching to improve performance, accountability and team responsibility for revenue results.

Ms. Tezak specializes in working with senior level executives and managers, including change management, budget development and attainment, sales management, teambuilding, and systems integration. Her extensive business background working with a diverse client group enables Ms. Tezak to identify and assess client needs thereby achieving results effectively and efficiently. Her clients are driven by leadership excellence, market share growth goals and an increasingly competitive business environment.

Ms. Tezak says, “The mission of Motivation Coaching, Inc. is to create high integrity leaders through coaching effective leadership, teambuilding and management skills. The coach is a resource who becomes a catalyst to affect positive behavioral change. Increasing productivity and revenue results through goal attainment are the concentrations of the solution oriented business approach of this organization.” “Through coaching, our clients answer the question, ‘What Motivates You?’ as the first step in charting their course to success. Although the basis of motivation differs, identification of motivating factors enables successful goal development, and optimal leadership for personal achievement, performance and teambuilding skills.”

“Personally, I ascribe to the code of ethics developed by the WABC, as well as that embraced by the ICF. In addition, my foundational principals include starting with integrity, and leading by example through responsibility in coaching, putting the client`s needs first.”


Her client base is international, including leaders at Conmed/Linvatec, International Equity Ventures, British Columbia Land Development, KPMG, State Farm Insurance, Keller Williams Realty, AMD/ATI, and Swagelok, among others. Ms. Tezak has successfully coached industry leaders from Retail, Accounting, Medical, Business to Business, Communications, Consumer Goods and other industries.


Ms. Tezak holds a Masters of Business Administration, a B. S. in Communications, is an ICF Master Certified Coach, a Certifed Coach Supervisor, a Certified Franklin Covey Coach, and is a certified Alliance for Strategic Leadership coach. She is the past Communications Director and an Ambassador and member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, the International Coach Federation and Coachville. Since opening her company in March 2003, she has logged over 16,000 coaching hours.

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