Jonathan Wolf-Phillips

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Throughout my working life, I have had an interest in leadership (historical and contemporary approaches), and the quality and development of human relationships over the life-course (in particular the work of John Bowlby on attachment theory and the work of Daniel Siegel on relational neuroscience).

After working in operational and leadership roles in the computer industry, I set up a specialist coaching practice in 1999 (New Leadership Ltd), and I have been working in the UK and Europe since then. I started to also work in Rwanda in 2009, in the USA in 2010, and in New Zealand in 2017.

Setting up a coaching practice enabled me to focus on working with people who wish to:

- Develop an in-depth intellectual and emotional understanding of modern attachment theory and the emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology (the neuroscience of attachment), and

- Apply this understanding of human relationships to enhancing their ability to navigate their personal and professional lives.

My coaching clients are usually mid-career and late career small business owners or senior leaders in medium-sized and large organisations.

I am also currently involved in some specialist attachment science research.

All my work is clinically supervised by Victoria Settle, Head of Training and Supervision at the John Bowlby Centre in London.

I currently offer two types of 1-to-1 coaching:

- 'Leader development' coaching (designed to enable clients to enhance their ability to lead themselves), and

- 'Leadership development' coaching (designed to enable clients to enhance their ability to lead others).