Katharina Schmidt

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Katharina is an executive coach. She facilitates personal leadership & organizational development journeys by bringing shared ambition, purpose, values and principles into hearts, minds and behaviors of leaders: strategy as a continuous personal development and co-creation process; top-down & bottom-up dialogues; live & online interventions, research-based interventions to develop practices for connecting leadership and high performance teams and organizations and lots of leadership inspiration & discipline along the way.

Katharina believes in connected organizations and the collective intelligence of people working there. Every organization (like every individual) holds the wisdom to face her challenges. Katharina designs and facilitates organizational, leadership and culture development journeys with the companies and individuals she works with: the growing need for a shared purpose in times of accelerating change, the wish for connection between purpose, plans, technology and behavior, real personal development dialogues and the case for more individual accountability. She believes leadership behavior strongly influences people behavior and organizational culture. People make organizations and drive performance. Change and (high) performance come natural if people know why, how and what to do and/or break through. And: it helps to bring some love and have some fun into any setting, regardless how tough the situation. Her coachees describe her as inspiring, disciplined, challenging and energizing; a safe space to  reconnect and discover yourself deeper.

After being a professional volleyball player and completing an executive MBA at Kellogg Business School, she had an international career with various leadership development firms: the 20 years before she started her own "leadership inspiration & execution discipline" initiative (www.inspirationanddiscipline.com), she worked as a CEO for MeyerMonitor and held various international general management and business development roles at Krauthammer International. She lived in various places in France, Barcelona, Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Maui and Denver. Katharina speaks 5 languages fluently. She is currently working on her doctorate in leadership psychology at William James College.