Kelly Reynolds

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Accomplished Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Coach with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science. Substantial success leading in customer-facing roles with vigor, enthusiasm, vibrancy, and a fun-loving nature while creating and supporting a culture of emotional well-being and resiliency, nutritional assessment, cultural awareness and advocacy, and innovative approaches to wellness. Strong background in plant-based eating and lifestyle approaches to wellness. Healthy eating advocate, interpersonal communicator, and dynamic motivator, able to develop strong relationships, establish trust as a knowledgeable source, and offer nutrition and wellness programming in easy to understand terms. Work effectively across diverse cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic groups. Experience in creating and implementing esteem-improving nutrition and wellness initiatives. Competent, decisive, and adept at facilitating nutrition programs to promote a healthy lifestyle by educating and influencing students. Superior decision making, strategic thinking, multi-tasking, and problem-solving skills.