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LaVonne brings a combination of 20+ years of academic, corporate, and practical life experiences into her consulting, coaching and therapy practice. Leadership Development consultant, Certified Executive Coach, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Racial and Social Justice practitioner, Instructure and practicing Therapist. Experience developing, designing, and delivering comprehensive programs and tools to increase human development, inclusive teams –counseling, onboarding, career growth and succession planning strategies, and project management. LaVonne utilizes her behavioral analysis, strategic planning, and communication skills to assist organizational cultures work through change, and clarify, set and attain goals collaboratively.

Her academic credentials include a B.A. in Psychology and Organizational Development (University of Washington) and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from SayBrook University. LaVonne completed her coaching education from The Coach Training Alliance (CTA)-International Coaching Federation (ICF) where she became a Certified Coach. Additionally, she is certified as a Conscious Business Coach, Enneagram Assessment Administrator (Individuals and Teams)and in Human Element FIRO B testing and analysis. LaVonne’s training is unique and would not be complete without mentioning her training in Empowering Life’s Energies and Mastering Life’s Energies program from the Academy of Coaching Excellence.

Whether it’s a large organization, individual or a small family, she knows success requires us to be aligned around a compelling, unifying purpose to create inclusive and equitable organizations – we need to agree on the destination and the road map of how to get there. LaVonne conducts Leadership Training/Skill Building in small to large diverse groups.

• Knowledge of performance improvement principles of systems thinking-Facilitates change management methodologies.

•   Sustainable progress in DEI outcomes creating DEI values to be integrated as part of the organization’s core values and those of its leaders after completing a comprehensive cultural assessment.

•   Integrated sustainable approach to building organizational cultures of trust, respect and belonging that attract, foster and retain the best talent for a highly engaged diverse workforce.

•   Delivering a series of interactive modules introducing DEI/RSJ concepts in brave and safe group environments, building trust, respect and belonging along the way. 

•   Collaborative approach with organizational leadership, partnering with top leaders before, incorporating specific nuances into skill-building/training content., during and after the series for sustained progress and success.


She also work with couples...

As a Pre- Marriage Certified Prepare and Enrich Counselor, couples come to with her needing help with struggles that inherently come with a new relationship. She also works with couples that just want to start off their life together on a solid foundation of trust and respect and seek out a proactive approach to move forward with their relationship.


Her work with married couples centers on creating a relationship based on friendship. To do so, we define the root causes of our conflicts and learn to manage them individually and together. We can then look ahead to discover what the ideal future looks like, and work to develop support tools that ensure you both get what you truly want from your marriage - increased affection, respect, kindness and a greater understanding of each other.


With all of her client’s, improving communication is key to achieving positive results. Almost every issue albeit an individual or a couple, can be more quickly resolved by improving your ability to communicate… beginning with your ability to communicate with yourself (self-awareness).
LaVonne has years professional experience in holding key leadership roles at several iconic organizations – Microsoft, Eddie Bauer and Nordstrom. Her clients say that LaVonne is credible, passionate and able to inspire trust in others and in themselves. She recognizes the importance of professional and personal development when helping people in their quest to live a more fulfilled and rewarding personal and life. She knows how essential it is for all of us to feel and be part of the critical life decisions that affect us. Her work guides people to become more capable, committed, present-centered and aware of what they must do to develop a plan to move toward success.